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The year 2020 will forever be engraved in all of our lives as one of the craziest times that we’ve all had to live through. While in the beginning it was hard to see what good, if any, could come out of this year, we believe that God used that time to wake up his church and to push us beyond these four walls. It is in this season that we believe God has given this church a new direction, a new vision, and has allowed us the opportunity to shift the culture by breaking down barriers and to build a new foundation.  


It has always been our  desire to be a multi-cultural church that is not influenced by race, nationality, age, class or financial status but instead that we would be the leader that our community could look to. The head and not the tail. The ultimate influence.  

As we step into a new season as a church, we know that God has called us by a new name. We see this happen several times in the bible when God changed Abram to Abraham. Simon to Peter. Saul to Paul. In each of these cases, God does this at a turning point in their lives as this launches them into a higher calling. We believe that God is doing exactly that with this church.
As we sought God to discover our new name, we knew that it would be representative of the new calling that God was going to put on this church. That is to influence the culture of this world by being the city on the hill. So with that being said, we are excited to announce that our new name will now be Culture City Church.  
It is with this new mandate that we believe that we are called not to be of the culture, but for the culture. To be a place where people can grow into all that God has called them to be.  A church that will impact and influence our community. And this change starts with you.
So church, let’s go out and change the culture.

The word "CULTURE" has its origins from the Latin word "colere" which translates to cultivate, meaning "preparing the land for growth”.  It is with this in mind, that our goal as a church is to prepare people to grow into all that God has called them to be. 

Culture Name
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