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Do you have an unhealthy tolerance for toxic or abusive relationships?  

Do you sabotage relationships before you have a chance to get hurt?

Is it hard for you to say "no" or keep boundaries?

Is it hard to trust others, or trust God?

Discover why and how to experience lasting transformation at our 2 -day online workshop, on "Healing Relational Wounds".

Dates: May 18th & 25th

Time: 12pm

Location: Online

(Link to live online webinar will be provided after payment)

Cost: $39

(Cost includes both days)


Vanessa Cruz

The Remedy Counseling Practice 

Vanessa Cruz is a Chicago native born into a broken and abusive home. After years of emotional & psychological trauma, she found hope for healing in a life-surrendering relationship with Christ. Her dramatic transformation is a testament to God's saving grace and life-changing love. Today, Vanessa Cruz is a wife, a mother, a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor specializing in trauma, and the owner & founder of The Remedy Counseling Practice in Chicago. 

Learn more or book an appointment with Vanessa here.

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